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Fresh name but familiar face Camopatty is fresh on the scene
debuding 2019 but, the man whos behind it is in the game
since 2000. And has played way over 2000 live shows,
worldwide between Sweden and Bahrain. From small bar
and lounge shows, over radio and sport events, up to
big room clubs and festivals with a over 15.000 spectators.
Resident Gigs and head of artist relations to
headlining DJ at featured events. Corporate events,
to concerts with megastars. All the years in the business
with his FKAs DJ PHAT and KYNG & KØNG, Patty achived
2 MTV TrepCharts Top20 placements in GER CH and AUT.


Weekly Schedule

Tuesday: „Deutschrap Dienstag“
Sunday: Different Themed Mixshows

Sunday: „Brunch Beats“ 11:00h

Tuesday: „Deutschrap Dienstag“
Saturday: „Thats The Vibe“


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